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About The Hostel Filip 2

Hostel Filip 2 is another accommodation spot at the heart of Gdansk. That means you will not need to walk far to find whatever you need. You are at the heart of the city so nothing goes down without you knowing about it. You are also not so far away from the Old Town; 550m is a distance you can walk in two minutes. Honestly, this hostel promises to give you the best of the city. You will leave with all of the promises delivered. Many other guests make a point of promising to come back and a big number follow through with their promises. Do not be surprised if you find yourself here in the future.

The rooms are spacious with simple decoration. You will feel at home the moment you set your foot here. To keep your privacy intact, there are private bathrooms. Nobody will be knocking at the door in the middle of a shower. You will also have access to free Wi-Fi in every corner of the property. Catching with your social pals will be the least of your worries. Just in case you do not want to spend much time in your room, there is some leisure space within the property. If you want a private party with other guests that can be arranged.

To make sure your travel budget does not take a beating from expenses, there is a communal kitchen on site. Here you have an opportunity to fix yourself drinks and make your own meals. You can easily get kitchen supplies not so far from the hostel. If you can get a guest or two to join.

You in cooking then that will make it fun. However, do not forget to sample some of the local delicacies. Polish cities may not be in the lead for global cuisines but they make finger licking dishes. There are strings of cafes and restaurants around here. It should not be any piece of work to find a good place to dine.

Do not end your stay before visiting the city’s Shipyard Museum. There are loads of surprises for you. The Old Town Hall is another place you should add in your must-visit list. Those who have been here would not think twice about going back. You will have plenty of things to do on top of admiring the beauty of this place. If you want to go farther outside the city, train will be your favorite means. You get by easy and cheap; two things you can use on your holiday.

Disclaimer: This is not the official website of the accomodation.